Termites are a fact of life in the Sandy Springs GA area, making termite control for Sandy Springs residents a necessity. Our home service specialists have more than 30 years of experience in the lawn care and home care industry, and our termite control and extermination programs are specifically designed for the Sandy Springs GA region.

Termites are found everywhere in the soil. They blindly forage until they bump into a home or building. Once that happens, they will branch out into many areas of its structure. All too often, people don't react quickly enough. The longer you wait, the more expensive it will become. Take care of your termite problem today. Call Bug You No More for a free inspection!

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Sandy Springs Georgia Termite Service

Termite Control Sandy Springs Georgia

As concerning as the thought of any bug in your house is, termites are particularly nefarious for the structural damage they can do. Termites will continue to compromise your home without a 24/7/365 protection system and regular inspections by our technicians. Call us today for details and pricing about our year-long programs and let us rid your home of these damaging pests.

Safe But Effective Treatments

When you call us for termite extermination, you can expect it to be accomplished in a professional, safe, and effectively. Unlike many other pest control companies, we take a holistic approach to termite extermination. All treatments begin with a full inspection of your home or building's structure. Next, we will develop a treatment plan catered to your individual situation. We'll also provide you with recommendations to correct conducive conditions. As the last step, we will install a termite colony eradication system to continue to fight off new invading threats. Stations will be examined on a scheduled routine basis. In addition, your structure will be inspected annually to make sure termites haven't returned.


Bug You No More makes it convenient for builders by providing one-stop shopping for your pest and termite needs. We offer customized solutions for your new home construction and dedicated staff to keep you on schedule. Our approach caters exclusively to the needs of builders, delivering quality products and services and maximizing the value and marketability of your new homes.

Call us today to protect your new home with soil treatment during home construction. We have a two-step liquid treatment that is effective and provides long-lasting protection against subterranean termites.By applying termite treatment to the soil, our home termite control service sends unwanted guests packing.


Bug You No More recommends a pre-purchase, wood-destroying insect inspection prior to purchase if possible. Any signs of damage, or other evidence of re-infestation, certainly warrant additional treatment. We are a licensed exterminator and will not apply chemicals unless there is an active infestation. Bug You No More will create a detailed report, including a diagram of any damage and activity, prior to our treatment.

There are several methods of treatment and one is to inject a chemical into the ground, and sometimes into the foundation. This creates a coating that the termites have to pass through as they enter or exit the structure. The newest treatment is called a baiting system. It consists of hollow perforated plastic spikes that are inserted into the ground around the home. Bait (cellulose) is placed inside the spikes and then they are monitored. Once there is a hit the inert bait is switched with termiticide. We can use this system for monitoring only, or in tandem with the injected chemical.

After a thorough pre-purchase evaluation of the home, we will work with you to establish a pest management plan that will solve you pest problems. Service contracts that include annual inspections are available. We offer a warranty for the cost of treating future infestations.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are pleased to offer a renewable yearly warranty that provides protection against termites. Should infestations return, we will correct the problem at no additional charge-no questions asked. That's our guarantee!

If you're not satisfied with the results during the regularly scheduled treatment, we will continue to work to solve your problem until you're satisfied. Call us to discuss our service charges, payment plans, and refund policy.

Don't let Termites destroy the value of your Sandy Springs GA home or cause a safety issue. Please call us or fill out our Contact Us form for a free, no obligation inspection.

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